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In 1998, Teresa created a website after retiring from a 12-year career in the securities industry. The venture was not conceived as a means to make money, but as a way to reach out and connect solitary, independent traders sitting in front of computer screens around the world. Pete was one of the first people to arrive.


The Dot-com Bubble brought legions of newbies in search of instant riches. Their emails confirmed what we already knew from dealing with clients at the office: most people just want to get rich quick, never mind how. The majority never learns that the market is the most efficient, Darwinian mechanism ever created to transfer hot money to the smart money.

We responded, and in the process, acquired encyclopedic knowledge and gained tremendous insight. Problems had to be solved from first principles. Teaching propelled us up the learning curve. Research led us to devise proprietary tools and techniques. We mastered far more than those waiting to receive wisdom.

We believe every individual investor deserves better.

Having worked in the investment industry and witnessed the way “retail” is treated — as little more than fee-generating assets under management — we knew we had to something about it by providing cost-effective strategies and solutions directly to the people.

We know of no quick fixes or short cuts to consistent investment performance. This should come as no surprise to professionals and high net worth individuals who earned their degrees, grew their practices or built businesses from the ground up through years of hard work and disciplined toil. Making money with money is no different. It comes down to applying know-how, managing risk, and compounding gains over time.

Our objective is singular: to make the highest return per unit risk. The sooner this concept is understood, the better the results. This idea can change lives, but somewhere on the road to riches, most will give up because progress can be frustrating at times. The path of least resistance is to gamble, resulting in the masses repeatedly going back to square one until they go belly up for the final time.

Prepare. Protect. Prevail.

WealthCop exists to remind ourselves that reaching financial goals and accumulating wealth is something few will ever achieve. It also serves as a beacon to assure the determined few that they are not alone, that we can navigate a perpetually uncertain world together and make the journey a pleasant one.

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Problems Solved, Missions Accomplished

These days, it’s pretty easy to get free stock picks and market opinion on the Internet. I’m sure a search for “Apple” or “investment strategy” will turn up thousands and thousands of recommendations. But, with so much on the web, you should tread lightly if you don’t know the source.

Over the years, we have become leaders in research, providing education, training and effective solutions for traders and investors alike, including,

  • 2004, PowerSwings Indicator that automatically identifies and connects pivot points to easily identify chart patterns;
  • 2005, PowerTools for eSignal;
  • 2006, SmarterStops for TradeStation and eSignal;
  • 2007, Various market barometers to objectively measure market pulse;
  • 2008, Dynamic asset allocation strategy based on a proprietary indexation method;
  • 2010, Better Bands, a statistically robust version of Bollinger Bands; and,
  • 2011, Universal stock selection method.

We’re pretty confident that our work will quickly become the foundation to achieving your financial goals.

About Teresa

Teresa is the Founder of WealthCop.com.

Her adventure in the capital markets began in 1987 immediately after university graduation. After a 12-year tour of duty in the securities industry covering trading, corporate finance and sales, she launched IntelligentSpeculator.com. More recently, she served as a portfolio strategy consultant at a private investment management firm in the Pacific Northwest.

Follow Teresa at www.Twitter.com/wealthcop.

Articles in the Press

Our work has been featured in numerous books and magazines.

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September 2004
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TASC Magazine
September 2004
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TASC Magazine
September 2004
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February 2004
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November 2002
Cover Interview
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February 2002
Feature Interview
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January 2002
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December 2001
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November 2001
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November 2001
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April 2001
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Chicago Tribune

January 2001
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January 2001
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October 2000
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And the one that started it all in May 1999, Cool Site of the Day at CNBC, thanks to Bill Griffeth.